Container Haulage Immingham

Container Transport Immingham

A Plessas Transport is a dependable haulage company in the UK providing container transport services in Immingham. We offer both short-distance and long-distance deliveries throughout the UK, utilising major ports.

One of the ports we operate from is Immingham in the North East, a leading UK seaport for container haulage. We have been in business since 2017, offering over 5 years of experience in shipping container transportation. Our singular focus on containers allows us to offer clients a highly professional and personalised service.

What is container transport and why is it useful?

Containers are widely used for loading and unloading cargo from boats to trucks on land due to their universal fitting standards, making them an ideal choice for businesses that frequently transport products globally.

One of the most remarkable advantages of container haulage is that they are both safe and efficient. They take up less space during shipping as they can be stacked on top of each other and securely fixed, enabling the transportation of more goods at once and reducing costs. The contents of the containers are protected from the elements and their sturdy structure reduces the risk of damage during transit.

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A.Plessas Transport is dedicated to providing top-notch container transport services from the port of Immingham and delivering containers to various locations in England and Wales. Our fleet consists of over 20 trucks, allowing us to move a substantial number of containers at once, and our skilled drivers are experts in delivering containers promptly.

If you are in need of transporting a large number of goods throughout the UK, look no further than A. Plessas Transport for your container haulage needs. We provide a secure, efficient, and dependable service that will ensure your goods are transported from the Immingham port to your business location in the UK, on time.

At A. Plessas Transport, we offer unparalleled service around the clock from the Port of Immingham. With years of expertise in the industry, you can trust that your container is in safe hands.

Who can benefit from using a container haulage company?


Containers offer numerous benefits to businesses that regularly receive bulk deliveries from international destinations. Shipping container costs have significantly decreased in recent times, making them a cost-effective solution for many organisations. Additionally, using containers contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of transportation by minimising the need for fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

We take pride in operating a fleet of over 20 trucks to efficiently transport containers to various locations across the country. Our ultimate aim is to provide an all-inclusive delivery service, including loading containers from the Immingham port and utilising road haulage for nationwide delivery. For more information on our services, contact.

A. Plessas Transport is the perfect option for companies needing to transport large quantities of products across the nation. Our container haulage service is secure, trustworthy, and reliable, ensuring that your items reach their destination on schedule.


The benefits of using a container haulage company like A Plessas Transport

The benefits of using a container transport company like A Plessas Transport include:

  • Secure and reliable transportation of goods
  • A large fleet of lorries that can transport a large number of containers at any one time
  • Experienced drivers who are all trained in container transportation
  • A reliable service that will get your goods to their destination on time.
  • Family run business
  • Operating from Immingham Port
  • Constantly expanding and growing
  • Professional logistics


If you require the transportation of substantial amounts of goods within the UK from the South East port of Immingham, A. Plessas Transport is your ideal solution. They offer a dependable, swift, and safe road haulage service that will guarantee that your goods reach their intended location punctually. Our services are extended to all major UK ports, including the Port of Immingham. Contact us today for a free estimate