5 Facts About Felixstowe Port

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Our fleet of top-class container transport uses several ports. Our main three are Felixstowe, London Gateway and Tilbury. 

The Port of Felixstowe is the largest intermodal container seaport in the UK, dealing with 48% of the UK’s container trade. Do you want to know a bit more about this busy port? Carry on reading!

1: Port of Felixstowe Terminals

Felixstowe Port has three terminals The Land guard and Trinity terminals. It also has a roll-on roll-off terminal. Based on the South-east coast of the UK, it has easy contact with all the major ports in NW Europe and beyond. Road and rail connections are excellent, as is modern cargo handling. A Chinese company owns the port—Hutchison Port Holdings. Felixstowe employs 2,500+ personnel. 

Traffic figures for Felixstowe:

  • Approx. 3,400 vessels 
  • 25,756,000t of cargo
  • 3,200,000TEU handled annually
  • 17 shipping lines from 700 ports around the world

2: The Land guard Terminal

When expansion at Felixstowe docks began in the 1960s, Land guard was the first quay between the original dock and the River Orwell. Major redevelopment is ongoing at the Land guard terminal, with two new deep-water berths, 8 and 9, now complete. In addition, a further deep water berth is planned for Land guard Terminal.

Quay length – 270m

Max Depth – 11.9m

3: The Trinity Terminal

Trinity is the largest container handling facility in the UK has 2,354 metres, the longest continuous quay in Europe. You will find seven berths at Trinity, ranging from 11.6m to 16.5, and they can accommodate the world’s largest container ships due to also having the largest container cranes among its 17 ship-to-shore gantry cranes. These cranes have twin-lift capability, up to 85 tonnes of heavy lift, and an outreach of 23 containers.

In the container storage area, there are 48 rubber-tire gantry cranes, 10-high stacking container handlers, plus 4-top loading reach-stackers, with a capacity of 102,000TEUs.

All of this equipment allows Trinity terminals to provide a highly skilled and experienced workforce to facilitate specialist cargo handling.

Overall Area – 136.7 hectares

Deep sea berths – 7

Quay Length – 2,354m

4: Communication

Speed is the essential component of logistics, and Felixstowe offers the finest technology to maintain fast loading and unloading. In 2022 the Port of Felixstowe—as part of a project by Three UK, Blue Mesh Solutions and the University of Cambridge—5G tech and I0T ( Internet of Things) was introduced. The project aims to clarify the capabilities of 5G in a busy port environment via,

  • Predictive maintenance of quay cranes using Internet of Things (IoT) sensor
  • Providing communications for remote control yard cranes.

This £200 million investment will show the unique low-latency and high throughput capabilities of 5g tech are the optimum tech to support the port’s long-term growth objectives—making Felixstowe a driving force behind greater automation and digitalisation by revolutionising the functioning of container terminals.

5: Large Ships

Felixstowe is equipped to handle some of the largest container ships in the world. For example, on Sunday, the 19th of June 2022, the Ever Ace berthed at Felixstowe after sailing from Rotterdam. The vessel has a length of 400m (1,300ft) and can hold 23,992 standard containers.

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